Hi!  I’m Annabel Epstein, a 2018 graduate of the George Washington University with a major in Journalism and Mass Communications and a minor in Sustainability. Most recently, I was a fellow at the GW Food Institute, pastry assistant at Cowbell Kitchen, and a freelance writer for the Jewish Food Experience.

My passions lie within food, sustainability and culture. I’ve always been interested in cooking and grew up in a family where food was more than just sustenance. When I came to college, I combined my love of food with my love of writing by joining GW’s Spoon University chapter. Spoon is a national online food publication written by college students, with over 100 chapters across the world, and over two million unique visitors each month. Through my experience there I was able to freelance write for the dining section of the Washington Post Express.

I further developed my knowledge and interest in sustainability by working at 4pFoods as a communications intern, where I was able to tell the stories of small farmers, and how they persevere in a world of massive industrial agriculture. Interviewing farmers about their lives, and how they came to be determined stewards of the land, I gave a name and face to the fruits and vegetables that they grow. Having the power to raise people’s awareness of the broken food system, and inform them about the plight of small farmers combined my passions of writing and sustainable agriculture.

I hope to further my career in the world of food and media, whether it’s through writing, communications or cooking and marketing it.