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Happy hours promising more than just cheap booze


Many bars in D.C. are rethinking happy hour by shaking up the cheap-beer-and-25-cent-wings formula. Whether it’s mini golf, bocce, science experiments or salsa lessons, these four D.C. bars bring out the fun when quitting time hits.

Mockingbird Hill serves a $30 cup of coffee and other pricey joe


While it may be a while before coffee gets the sommelier treatment, there’s no denying that a 99-cent cup of bodega coffee won’t cut it for true caffeine enthusiasts. This article highlights 3 rare cups of coffee available in DC and the story behind them.

The Jewish Food Experience

A Night with Smitten Kitchen’s Deb Perelman


With her second cookbook out, Deb Perelman, of the beloved Smitten Kitchen food blog, stopped by Sixth & I last month to speak about her new book and where she finds inspiration.

Cock A Doodle Soup


Philly’s Rooster Soup Co., from Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook, turns leftover bones from fried chicken served at Federal Donuts into broth, and 100 percent of profits are donated to charity.

How to Throw a Dumpling Party


Dumplings are the singular best food to make for (and with) a crowd: They’re cheap, easy, beginner- and kid-friendly, and cook up super quickly. The more hands you have on deck, the quicker the dumplings come together and the faster you can get eating.

More from Your Matzah: 5 Ways to Eat It


Who needs avocado toast when you’ve got matzah? Here are four ways to make your matzah into open-faced sandwiches that will make your regular bread jealous and one sweet and spicy option.

What’s the Deal with Cauliflower Rice?


Rumor has it that over the summer Trader Joe’s rationed its cauliflower rice at some stores. Why are people freaking out?

Mad About Macaro(o)ns


What’s Passover without mounds of coconut macaroons or their almond cousins? A guide to the different types and  a tour of the bakeries around town offering them.

A Rabbi and a Student Walk into a Food Truck


A surprising lack of kosher food options—especially Brooklyn-style deli—in DC led a GW student and the director of the campus Chabad to partner and open a kosher food truck.

New Combos for Next-Level Hamantashen


This year, it’s all about new, creative fillings—Lemon ginger curd, anyone? How about strawberry rose jam?—and flavoring the dough with spices or zest to make the whole package extra special.

One Day, 175 Pounds of Honey


How to Throw a Tu b’Shevat Dinner Party


Tu b’Shevat may not be the most popular Jewish holiday, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be. I put together a vegetarian dinner party menu that incorporates the holiday’s seven species.

A New Year’s Eve Like No Other 


While you were drinking champagne last night, Russian Jews in the US, Israel and all over the world were celebrating Novy God, a secular, unique and delicious New Year’s Eve tradition. The article includes recipes for how to throw your own Russian New Year’s Party.

A Jewish–Inspired Thanksgiving Feast


What does Thanksgiving mean to Russian Jewish immigrants, and how do they celebrate it? I tell the personal story of my family’s first Thanksgiving in America, along with recipes inspired from our Thanksgiving table.

5 Extraordinary Bagel Combos for Break-Fast


The tradition of breaking the Yom Kippur fast with family and a big breakfast spread is a longstanding one. To change things up from the classic bagel and lox, I developed 5 bagel sandwiches that range from sweet to doused in dill.

 Spoon University

How to stock a kitchen-less dorm at Whole Foods for under $50


Living in a dorm with only a microwave and a refrigerator, it’s hard to create delicious, nutritious meals on a college budget. I developed a shopping list and recipes for a week of breakfasts, snacks, meals and desserts.

40 Things To Eat in DC Before You Die


These days people don’t just come to DC for its history, but they also travel to our nation’s capital to enjoy its rich food scene. The number of restaurants to try can be quite overwhelming — a list of the top 40 bites to try gives a great snapshot of where to begin.

6 Places You Need to Eat at in DC This Year


Whether it’s fast casual pizza, a beer garden, or elevated Jewish food, there is always something new popping up in DC. A highlight of the 6 best new places to try out.

Is Kombucha actually good for you?


Slightly fizzy, a little bit vinegar-y and many parts delicious, Kombucha has been popping up on shelves everywhere and in the hands of the yoga-mat-toting crowd. Ranging in flavors from cherry root to lemon ginger, Kombucha has been claimed to cure anything from hangovers to stomach aches.But how much truth is there to those statements?

5 DC happy hours you can’t miss


In a town that loves its post work drink, the choices for where to go for happy hour seem endless. These 5 happy hour spots stand out for serving delicious drinks, food, or just being a great deal.

Ching Ching Cha Tea House is Georgetown’s best kept secret


Right off tourist-laden M Street you’ll find Ching Ching Cha Tea House—a lofty tearoom that feels a world away. You’re encouraged to take off your shoes as you sink your tired self onto the plush cushions and leaf through the menu of over 70 different kinds of teas.

Don’t miss this at the Farmer’s Market


The Foggy Bottom Farmers Market feels almost like a market in Europe. You’ll find baklava, paella, Belgian waffles, artisanal cheeses and cured meats. The essential bites to eat are highlighted in this article, a food lover’s guide to the farmer’s market.